Professional Body Piercing

Billy Mantilla

Billy was born in the jungle. We’re not talking about a resort or tropical jungle-like climate, either. Billy was born in Ecuador, South America. He lived in a bamboo house, with bamboo walls, and used to climb trees to pick papayas. Somehow he ended up in Clearwater, Florida, when he was 11. Billy likes to skateboard, fish, and shave off his body hair while dieting ‘til he has 0% body fat. Billy goes to the gym on a daily basis and competes in body building competitions. 

 He began piercing in 1994, and attended the Gauntlet seminars with Monique in 1995 and 1997. Billy is an extremely advanced piercer. During one Spring Break at our Clearwater Beach location, Billy did a total of 4,500 piercings!


It’s safe to say Billy knows What’s Up. In 1998 Billy started making jewelry for Bella Designs (the body jewelry company he and Monique own) and became a graduate jeweler in 2000.

Billy currently works full time at the Clearwater location and spends his downtime making all the pretty 14K jewelry that fills our displays.