Facial - Brow, Bridge, Septum, Nostril, Dermal

Oral - Lip, Labret, Monroe, Tongue

Ear - Industrial, Rook, Daith, Tragus, Cartiladge, Anti-Tragus, Lobe

Torso - Nipple, Navel, Female Genital and Male Genital

1. When performing a piercing, the first thing to consider is the type of jewelry to select. When the customer reaches the counter, our staff assists in making sure that the jewelry picked will be suitable for the desired piercing.

2. After choosing appropriate jewelry, the customer is required to fill out a release form. A copy of their driver's licence or state-issued photo id will be made on the back of this paperwork.

3. The piercer or staff member will then go over aftercare procedures for the piercing. This includes how to clean the piercing, how often it should be cleaned and how to avoid infection or prolonging the healing process. The customer is given a copy of these steps to take with them.

4. The customer pays for the piercing and the jewelry before going into the piercing room.

5. After the customer enters the piercing room, they are to sit down facing the piercer. The area to be pierced is then cleaned with a surgical scrub.

6. The site is marked with an alcohol-based marker.

7. Sterile forceps are then applied, so the area to be pierced is isolated.

8. The needle is opened from its autoclave-sterilized package in view of the customer. Then surgilube, a lubricant, is applied to the needle for ease of transfer through the skin.

9. The needle is then passed though the site.

10. Immediately following the end of the needle is the selected jewelry. After insertion, the ball or bead is put in place.

11. The customer is asked how they felt that the procedure went and if they are feeling alright.

12. When customer feels well enough, they initial the part of the release form that states they have seen the needle used in the procedure. Afterward, they are free to go.

Types Of Piercings